In case you haven’t heard… we own an ice cream company! Okay, so you’ve probably heard. Lol. Which probably also means that you can understand why we thought it would be fun to combine our 2018 family pictures with our love for Lolly’s Ice Cream! It was fun to think through the best location and some ice cream inspired outfits and props for this shoot. This was also the day where Weston fell in love with ice cream cones! We handed him one to keep him occupied and now he’s obsessed with them and cries until we give him one every time we’re at the shop. It’s official. He’s a Launi! Enjoy these pics of our crazy, rambunctious family!

Pictures: Sandra Leigh Photography
HMUA: The Posh Pair - Jess Barbini
Ice Cream Bike & Ice Cream - Lolly’s Creamery