These photo sessions - they're never under perfect circumstances.  The big boys needed haircuts, my face was still swollen from the IV fluids I'd been given during my blood patch procedure and I was just finding the ability to sit up-right after the spinal fluid leak.  My body was in the awkward postpartum phase (who am I kidding - still is) and we look as sleep deprived as we felt but, BUT we will absolutely cherish these pictures for the rest of our lives and I know I will never regret getting in front of a camera, even when things don't feel perfect, because things never will feel perfect!  If we waited for perfect, time would pass us by and we would miss so much of life's beauty.  Emily Eileen Photography worked her magic and captured our sweet Weston Graham at 1.5 weeks old and our newly minted family of five - still figuring out how to fit on one bed together for a picture. :). Mom-mom (Joey's mom) crochets and made these cute little hungry caterpillar and ice cream bundles.  Aren't they darling?  

Weston was born on his due date (2/21) after 17.5 hours of labor, at 8lbs 10oz.  If you haven't heard the story, we were still wavering on his middle name when our doula mentioned in the delivery room that Billy Graham had passed away.  Graham, such a nice name, and Billy Graham such a magnificent man and spiritual giant in our faith.  It seemed like a sweet way to acknowledge one man after God's heart as he left this world while dedicating our little Wes, who we hope will become a man after God's heart, as he entered this world.

So here you have Weston Graham Launi.  Welcome to the world little man.  You've stolen our hearts.

Thank you Emily Eileen Photography for capturing these precious moments for us!