The When...

I attended the Creative at Heart Conference early in August (the 8th through the 9th).  I know it's been a few weeks since then, but I figured since I could still see and feel the remnants of the bruise I obtained when I walked into the corner of my bed at our Raleigh Airbnb (so typical for this clumsy gal) that that meant the conference was recent enough that I could still blog my recap!


The Why...

I've been following Kat and her Creative at Heart Conferences since their inception and watched 6 previous Creative at Heart Rounds come and go.  I have always wanted to attend.  I love Kat and what she stands for.  I knew that I would learn good, practical information to improve my business from some of the best minds in this industry.  And I knew that being in a room with over 100 like minded women (and men) who truly understand the highs and lows that come along with being an entrepreneur in the creative industry would be so good for my soul!


The How...

I figured that round 7 might be one of the best shots I had to attend because it was within driving distance!  At first I still didn't think we'd be able to make it work financially but with a little bit of prayer, and faith, and help from the good Lord above, all the cards fell into place and I was on my way to Raleigh!  Of course, everything that I figured would be true about attending Creative at Heart was true!  It was completely worth the sacrifice of time and resources to be there!




The Where...

This year's conference was held at the Merrimon Wynne House.  So cute and charming on it's own but add in some pieces from Paisley and Jade and wow.  Can I just move in please?  (Although I'm not so sure that my boys would appreciate all the girly goodness pictured below.)


The Who...

I spent four days alongside 100+ creative entrepreneurs and had the chance to learn from the likes of Katelyn James, Shay and Graham Cochrane, Krista and Davey Jones, Kat Schmoyer, and so many more!   Of course, I have to give Lara Casey her own sentence because she was a surprise speaker!  None of the attendees knew that she would be speaking but hearing from her and meeting her in person was definitely the highlight of my week.  (She is my unofficial life-coach after all.)  Ashlynn Carter and Shanna Skidmore were two of my unexpected favorite speakers to hear.  They said so many good things that I NEEDED to hear and be challenged on.


The What

I'm going to have to break this section down into pieces because there's just too much to say here!  I want to tell you about the breakouts I took, the infamous Creative at Heart swag, the new friendships that were formed and of course, my takeaways!

The breakouts were one of my favorite parts of the conference!  I wish I could have done them all!  Bookkeeping Basics was... essential.  Seriously, so much good, practical info.  It's not easy to be an entrepreneur ya'll!  You pretty much do it all, accounting, marketing, admin, networking, correspondence, etc., etc., etc. and it's so good to have a pro who understand where you're coming from break everything down in an easy to digest way!  My hand-lettering breakout was so fun!  I pretty much have terrible hand-writing but suprisingly I was decent in this breakout.  And it was so refreshing to sit and do something artistic.  I don't typically have space for that in my day-to-day life.  Passive Income with Shay and Gram Cochrane was... thought provoking.  I sat and had lunch with Shay and Graham on the last day of the conference and talked a little bit deeper about what that might look like for me and my giftings.  I'm so grateful for their input and encouragement.  They got my wheels turning.  Look for more to come on this later. :) Lastly, I took Instagram Styling with Caroline Kalentzos.  This meant an extra bag of styling swag from Caroline and lots of good info, tips, tricks and encouragement about curating and maintaining your brand on Instagram.  We had so much fun playing with all of the pretty things.  See pics of my breakouts below!

The Creative at Heart Swag is real!  We were felt so spoiled every day! Here's a sneak peak!

I left the weekend feeling affirmed in my call,  yet confident that as my business grows it will practically need to change and evolve to accommodate that growth.  I also walked away with a few ideas churning in my head that I hadn't gone into the weekend thinking anything about.  So that's exciting in a different and new kinda way.  Mostly I walked away feeling refreshed and energized to go back to my business, family and marriage, with new practices, info, connections, challenges and drive.

2017-08-09 12.43.45.jpg

Speaking of connections...

I can't close out this post without a few pictures of the lovely boss ladies and new friends who I had the privilege of sharing an Airbnb with that weekend.  I'm excited to cheer these ladies on and continue to see what they do in their businesses and lives.  They are awesome!  


I'm so grateful for this experience.  Truly I treasured every second.  Thanks Kat for all you did to put it on!  And thanks to Holly Felts for taking all of the beautiful images you saw in this post!  The not so beautiful ones were from my iPhone. :)