Barbara and Brian got married last fall at the Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Their wedding colors were burgundy and gold and navy blue.  So much fall-y goodness!  Some of my favorite elements from their wedding were the beautiful, real, fall-leaf arbor that they used for their ceremony and their EPIC groomsmen pictures.  I mean, take an airplane hanger and some vintage World War II warplanes and you've got the perfect recipe for some pretty badass groomsmen pictures.  Also, Barbara's beautiful gown! Every time I looked at her all I could think was that she looked like a Disney Princess!  So stunning!  And I can't forget to mention the big band style orchestra that performed (SO GOOD!) or the moment when the groom picked up his instrument and serenaded the bride.  Slay me!  I can't say enough what a joy this couple was to work with.  Enjoy their wedding pictures and see below for some tips on how to warm up a big wedding space - like an airplane hanger!

Can we just real quick talk about how cute this moment below was?  Right after the were married and walked back down the aisle Brian whipped out his phone to document their first moments as a married couple with a selfie!  And I love these bride and groom portraits which were taken in the vintage wooden World War II hanger!


It's not an easy task to make an airplane hanger feel intimate for a wedding but as you can see above we did so with lots of linens to warm up the space (including chair covers and sashes) and some tall, full centerpieces by Gather Floral.  Uplighting also makes a huge difference when you're trying to make a big space feel more intimate!

The oh so flattering picture of me and Barbara laughing together (see below) was taken when Barbara and Brian surprised me by having the big band serenade me with their rendition of 'happy birthday' since Barbara and Brian got married on my birthday!  Such a sweet surprise!

There ain't no exit like a sparkler exit!